COVID-19 Flexible Grading Policy

Fall 2020 Flexible Grading Policy Overview

CUNY has authorized colleges to use the Credit/No Credit ("CR/NC") option for Fall 2020 courses. The policy is designed to provide students flexibility in the context of the challenges and disruptions associated with ongoing pandemic.

The Fall 2020 Flexible Grading Policy applies to all QC students (undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree) enrolled at QC. Under the flexible grading policy, students are able to convert the passing letter grade they earned in most courses (B+ to D for undergraduate students, B+ to C- for graduate students) into a grade of Credit ("CR"), or a grade of F into a grade of No Credit ("NC").

  • CR/NC grades do not factor into the student's GPA

  • Almost all courses being offered this fall have this option. Some courses are excluded, predominantly because of certification or licensure requirements.

  • A faculty member does not award a CR/NC grade to the student. CR/NC is a choice that students make in CUNYfirst after they have seen the letter grades earned.

Reminders for students: Opting-in procedures and deadline

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Reminders for faculty

Grades for Fall 2020 were due December 23 (deadline 11:30 pm EST).

QC Hub contacts for faculty:


CUNY's website on the Credit/No Credit Policy