Guidance for Faculty

State and Federal guidance on coronavirus-related interruptions

New York State Education Department

United States Department of Education

Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)

CUNY policies

Online courses are subject to the same CUNY policies as are in-person courses regarding academic integrity, the acceptable use of computer resources, equal opportunity and non-discrimination, sexual misconduct, workplace violence, domestic violence, and reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. For a comprehensive list, see

Activating G-Suite For Education

Students QC usernames always have a 3 digit number after their name (100, 101, 102 etc.) It helps to distinguish their account from a faculty/staff account.

Logging into Qmail needs to be first because we've had a lot of problems communicating that students need to use @Qmail, not @Gmail or @Login. Students also need to select the Outlook Application, not just log into Office 365.

The Google account for students has two prerequisites:

  1. Students must log into their Office 365 account and select the Outlook application.

To claim your Queens College - Office 365 Qmail account go to

Your email/username is your CUNYFirst (

(Please note that it is @Qmail, not @Gmail or @Login)

The password is always going to be your CUNYFirst password.

  1. In order to have a Google Account created, students should have logged into CAMS and activated their QC Username.

The Google account login is the QC Username (CAMS) followed by, (e.g. For students, this is not a valid Email address, it is only a Google account login. The student's email is the CUNYFirst Username e.g. )

For logging into Google Classroom and G-Drive, students should be directed to use their QC Username (, not their email.

Ensuring reasonable accommodations

The barriers that exist at the intersection of a student’s disability and course design may be different in the new online format than those determined for the original course format. Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) (also see FAQs here) applies in distance learning environments, and the move to distance learning may require you to reassess accommodations for your students.

For assistance, contact the QC Office of Special Services for Students with Disabilities at or go to their webpage:

Accessibility and universal design resources from CUNY

  • Chancellor Matos Rodriguez put out a compelling statement of support for the ADA:

    • “Scores of CUNY students with disabilities have emerged as heroes, leaders and role models, helping all members of the community to navigate the challenges of a new world beset by Covid-19.

“Even with all that has been accomplished, more work remains. We remain committed to marshaling the strength of the ADA and doing all in our power to ensure that no opportunity is denied any member of the CUNY community on the basis of a disability.”

Guidance from the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights

  • Fact sheet on addressing the risk of COVID-19 in schools while protecting the civil rights of students

  • Brief video on online education and website accessibility

Religious accommodations during finals

CUNY's policy about religious accommodation allows students to request and be granted an accommodation on the basis of religious belief. Questions about CUNY's policy should be directed to Chris Rosa, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Inclusion Initiatives (

Proctoring and use of cameras during class and exams

CUNY will not proceed with the implementation of proctoring software. Faculty are encouraged to consider alternative assessments that do not require remote proctoring. CUNY has put together a website with references on alternative forms of assessment:

Library resources

Field Trips

Faculty coordinating a fieldtrip must follow new protocols established during the Fall 2020 semester.

All field trips require prior approval. This includes day trips (without an overnight stay) within the five boroughs of New York City that require only the use of public transportation or private or publicly-accessible transportation alternatives for students with disabilities and those that do not involve high-risk activities.

The CUNY Travel Approval Form and Participation, Waiver, and Emergency Contact Form must be submitted to the Provost’s Office at least 10 days before the field trip.

In addition to the standard field trip request package, faculty must also submit:

  • full names and emails for each student that will participate

  • emergency contact information for each student.

For full instructions on field trip visit:

CUNY's travel guidance page:

Miscellaneous resources