Faculty Development

Faculty online teaching certification

Instructors teaching online at QC must be certified. This ensures we maintain high quality instruction.

Previous versions of the training were offered as a two-week, boot-camp style course as well as self-paced. All future offerings are self-paced, thereby allowing instructors flexibility to complete the course, as well as allowing the limited staff at CTL the necessary time to provide feedback to successfully guide instructors through the required training.

Instructors who have successfully completed one of the CTL workshops that began May 1, 2020 or later have satisfied the online training requirement. The Provost has a record of those who have successfully completed the training to date. If you have previously received an approved waiver, you need not apply again.

Fall 2020 schedule

Self-paced online teaching workshop: August 15 to December 1, 2020, open only to instructors teaching in fall 2020: https://keepteaching.qc.cuny.edu/workshops/self-paced-best-practices-for-teaching-online-summer-2020

  • Register before September 21 by filling out this form

  • All work must be completed by December 1

  • Instructors may complete the full version of the workshop either via Blackboard or Google Classroom

  • Faculty will earn a $500 stipend and will be certified for online teaching upon successful completion of all components of the workshop. This certification serves as a credential that can be presented to other institutions as verification of such training.

  • CTL carries out the training and tracks faculty completion

  • Departments process EPAFs for the payment (funds will be added to each departmental budget to cover these expenses)

Emergency certification

  • Recognizing that instructors may not be able to complete training this summer, I have asked CTL to provide an “Emergency Certification” to teach online for Fall 2020. This certification is offered only via Blackboard (not Google Classroom).

  • Successful completion of this abbreviated version of the full workshop guides instructors through the essentials necessary to teach online, provides temporary certification to teach online for Fall 2020 (& if necessary, Spring 2021). This takes into consideration the fact that many instructors may be under time constraints at the start of the upcoming semester, as well as the fact that many instructors do not plan to teach online once the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, and therefore, can return to in-person instruction.

    • Instructors will be compensated $150 for successfully completing the emergency certification.

    • In the context of the “Emergency Certification,” instructors will complete these essential components of the full workshop in Blackboard (and must register for the full Blackboard workshop & can then opt for the “emergency certification”)

Exemptions from CTL training: Waivers

Instructors with experience teaching online, as well as those who have previously completed an online teaching workshop (either via CTL or other entity), may apply for a waiver to participate in the CTL training.

Contact CTL


Deans and Chairs should contact CTL Director Kathleen Mangiapanello (kathleen.mangiapanello@qc.cuny.edu)

Instructors should contact ctlonline@qc.cuny.edu

CTL's drop-in office hours: Monday - Friday, 1pm to 4pm

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